Chapter 1

The Swift Fundamentals

Welcome to the first chapter of Learn Swift with Bob. I've chosen topics that distinguish Swift from any other modern programming languages. You will learn how to identify and distinguish every ? and ! in the Swift programming language. You no longer have to rely on the vague instructions from Xcode.

You will also learn standard practices through generics, error handling and guard statement to create reusable, modular, and safe lines of code. Swift provides us with amazing tools to work with, such as optional chainings and extension. Let's utilize them as much.

I started my programming journey with Swift. I understand the struggles you go through. You may have experienced a lack of confidence when you were asked to show your code to someone else. You may have asked yourself whether you've been writing decent lines of code.

From now on, don't you worry. You've come to the right place with me, Bob the Developer. When you follow my lead, you will come out programming in a different playing field. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to comment below. Let's begin the first step.

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