Intro to Operators


Welcome to Lesson 11 of The Swift Fundamentals. In Lesson 9, You've tasted the power of Swift operators for replacing a traditional else-if statement with a tertiary operator. In this lesson, you will be able be recognize a number of operators and use them when appropriate.


Write less, produce more


An operator is a symbol for a function.

Unary operators

!true // false
!false // true

Binary operators

1 + 2
4 == 4
1 / 4
5 % 2

Typical Else-If

Create an else-if statement.

let iCanDrink = false

if iCanDrink {
  print("You may enter")
} else {
  print("No no")

Needlessly complex.

Tertiary Operator

Instead of writing the long else-if block. You may use an operator to achieve the same effect.

iCanDrink ? print("You may enter") : print("No no") // "No no"

The statement above states, if iCanDrink is true, print("You may drinK"), else, print("No no").

Add odd/even numbers

In Lesson 9, we created odd and even arrays.

var evenNumbers: [Int] = []
var oddNumbers: [Int] = []

for number in 1...50 {
  if number % 2 == 0 {
  } else {

Tertiary Operator

Since there are only two conditions, a tertiary operator is used instead.

for number in 1...50 {
  (number % 2 == 0) ? evenNumbers.append(number) : oddNumbers.append(number)

Unwrapping Optionals

You may unwrap optionals without using if-let. You may use a good old way.

var age: Int? = nil
var defaultAge: Int = 20

var finalUserAge = Int() // 0

if age != nil {
  finalUserAge = age!
} else {
  finalUserAge = defaultAge

Needlessly complex.

Nil-Coalescing Operator

Let us type less but produce more.

finalUserAge = age ?? defaultAge // finalUserAge is 20

The above states that if age contains nil, use defaultAge instead. Nice and simple.

Source Code



You've only scratched the surface. In Chapter 10, you will learn how to create your own operators. I know you are excited. Stay consistent and you will get there, hopefully soon.

In the next lesson, you will learn how to create fake names for types. Keep marching forward.

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