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Welcome to Lesson 2 of Protocol Oriented Swift. You will learn a magic. You will dramatically reduce the number of lines of code.


I don't even want to type anymore.

Create Protocol

Create a protocol called MathGenius that contains one method.

protocol MathGenius {
  func calculateGPA()

Create Protocol Extension

Create an extension to MathGenius. The extension contains a default method.

extension MathGenius {
  func calculateGPA() {
    print("I'm too cool for skool")

Create a struct that conforms to MathGenius. Since the extension provides a default method, you no longer have to specify the required method. If you do, it will override the default method.

struct Bob: MathGenius {
  func calculateGPA() {
    print("1.2 GPA")

Bob().calculateGPA() // "1.2 GPA""

You don't have to provide the default method due to extension.

struct Bobby: MathGenius {}
Bobby().calculateGPA() // "I'm too cool for skool"

Practical Protocol Extension

Create a protocol that contains a method that takes two Double parameters and returns String.

protocol FindAreable {
  func calculateArea(side: Double, length: Double) -> String

Create an extension to FindAreable which will return a statement whose type is in String.

extension FindAreable {
  func calculateArea(side: Double, length: Double) -> String {
    let area = String(side * length)
    return "The area is \(area)"

Every struct and class that conforms to FindArea contains the default calculateArea method from the extension.

struct Square: FindAreable {}
struct Hexagon: FindAreable {}

Square().calculateArea(side: 4, length: 4)
Hexagon.init().calculateArea(side: 6, length: 10)

Usage Case

  • UILabel, UIImageView, UIView --> Animation
  • Storyboard Identifier
  • Reusable table and collection view cells


If you are interested in how you may apply Protocols to UIKit, you may read Protocol Oriented View with Bob (Blog).

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Protocol Oriented Swift is only limited by your imagination.

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