Intro to Protocol Oriented Swift

You've successfully completed Chapter 3, Protocol Oriented Swift. A protocol is like basketball coach. Classes, structs, and even enums must follow the instructions provided by the coach. In Lesson 2, you've learned how to create a scalable codebase through protocol extension without subclassing. In Lesson 3, you've mastered how to group objects into a single array using a protocol as the type. No more type casting. In the last lesson, you've studied how to pass data between classes or structs using the delegate pattern.

However, you've only scratched the surface of Protocol Oriented Swift. In Chapter 6, you will continue to learn how to create even more reusable, cleaner, and zen code by combining protocols with generics, a.k.a, the best of the best. As I promised, you would come out coding in a different league when you join me, Bob the Developer.

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