I've prepared a list of resources that would maximize your learning potential. I want you to succeed.

Lecture Notes

You may download the source code for each lesson and review. It contains code snippets and short descriptions. The website is mobile-friendly so that you have no excuse not but study Swift. You may also use it as a reference since it supports searching on the top left corner.

Group Chat

You may join Bob the Developer Slack Group and help one another. If you wish to join, you may send me an email at Based on the email, I will send you an invitation link. The group remains exclusive. You might have to wait 24-48 hours since I have to check your emails one by one.

Supporting Tutorials

Since Nov, 2017, I've been posting tutorials on my blog. I've have chosen topics that would allow my students to refer to them while taking this course.


I share detailed updates with my readers and students on Facebook Page. To get real-time update, you can follow my story on Instagram @bobthedev.

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