Chapter 8

Advanced Swift

Welcome to the last chapter, Advanced Swift. First, if you've come this far with consistent effort and struggle, you've already won. It tells you that you have the heart to improve yourself. Had I not carried the mindset, it would have been not possible for me to this course. So, I recommend you to give your a gentle pat on your back.

The focus of this chapter is to work and think like Swift and Apple engineers. First, you've learned how to apply protocols to create scalable and reusable design. In this chapter, you will learn how to utilize protocols that are made by the engineers. Second, you've been only using native operators pre-built in the Swift programming language. You will learn how to design one like a boss. Third, you will learn how to use terminal/command-line to execute Swift files instead of using the Xcode application.

You've come a long journey. I'm proud of your achievement and thankful for following the path I've designed for you. Let's finish strong and come out coding in a different league.

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