You've successfully completed Chapter 7, Advanced Enum. In Lesson 1, you've learned the three types of enums: normal, raw value, and associated value. In Lesson 2, you've learned how to add properties and methods so that you may use enums for your current projects including UIColor andStoryboard. The rest is history.

The number one design goal for developers is be able to pick and choose instead of typing. Debugging refers to a process of removing of bugs. Programming must be producing bugs. That means, we, developers, must write less but produce more.

Still, enums are often overlooked because developers tend to use structs and classes without giving a second thought. However, enums do not represent itself as a all-in-one solution. You, the leader, must choose the right tool depending on your situation And, the only way to know which is the right tool, you must use every other tool. Congratulations, you've tasted many with me.

See you at Advanced Swift.

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