Increase productivity by spending less time on formatting through clicking.


Atom Selection

Key Purpose
ctrl-shift-w Select the current word

Multiple Cursor

Key Purpose
cmd-click Multiple cursor
cmd-d Select the next word identical
cmd-ctrl-g Select all the same word in the document
cmd-shift-l Convert a multi-line selection at once
Key Purpose
cmd-f Find item
cmd-shift-f Find in project
cmd-g Find next
shift-cmd-g Find previous


Key Purpose
ctrl-m Jump to the end of bracket
cmd-ctrl-m Select all the text inside
opt-cmd-. Close the current XML/HTML tag


Key Purpose
cmd-p Open file
cmd-b Browse open files
ctrl-shift-m Markdown Preview
cmd-, Show setting
shift-cmd-p Open shortcut lists
cmd-t Open recent files

Code Editing

Key Purpose
shift-cmd-d Duplicate line
ctrl-shift-k Delete line
cmd-j Join lines
ctrl-t Transpose characters
cmd-] Indent
cmd-enter Insert new line after current
cmd-shift-enter Insert new line before current
cmd-l Select current line
cmd-ctrl-up-down Move line up/down
Key Purpose
ctrl-g Go to line
cmd-k-left/right Split panes horizontally
cmd-k-cmd-left/right Move to panes

Word Manipulation

Key Purpose
option-d Delete Word from Front
ctrl-d Delete Letter from Front
ctrl-k Delete on the right
option-b Move to beginning of word
ctrl-b Move to beginning of letter
ctrl-b Move to beginning of letter
option-f Move to front of word
option-e Move to end of line
option-a Move to front of line
option-shift-n Select the same position on next line
option-shift-p Select the same position on previous line
cmd-k-u Convert to uppercase
cmd-k-l Convert to lowercase


Key Purpose
cmd-f2 Set bookmarks
f2 Next bookmarks
shift-f2 Previous bookmarks
cmd-shfit-f2 Clear all bookmarks

Tree View

Key Purpose
m Rename/Move
j/k Navigate up and down
h/l Navigate left and right
a Add new file
shift-a Add new folder
option-left/right Show recursive files
cmd-\ Toggle sidebar


Shortcut World

Github Resources


To activate, open Gmail. On the top right, click Settings. Scroll down to the Key shortcuts section. Select Key shortcuts on. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Key Purpose
g-i Go to inbox
g-s Go to starred conversations
g-t Go to sent email
g-d Go to draft
g-a Go to all mail
g-c Go to contacts
g-l Go to label
~ Navigate tab


Key Purpose
c Compose new message
shift-c Compose new message in new window
j or k Move up and down
/ Put in the cursor boc
cmd-enter Send
esc Focus on latest chat or compose
cmd-; Go to next misspelled word
cmd-shift-c Add cc recipients
cmd-shift-b Add bcc recipients
cmd-m Open spelling suggestions

Detail Window

Key Purpose
n or p move up and down in a conversation view
e or y Archive
m Archive and mute
x Check


Key Purpose
cmd-shift-5 Previous font
cmd-shift-6 Next font
cmd-shift-+ Decrease text size
cmd-shift-7 Numbered list
cmd-shift-8 Bullet list
cmd-shift-i Align left
cmd-shift-e Align center
cmd-shift0r Align right
cmd-\ Remove formatting


Key Purpose
! Report spam
r Reply
a Reply all
# Delete
s Star
f Forward
z Undo last action
+ or = Mark as important
- Mark as unimportant
shift-i Mark as read
shift-u Mark as unread

Threadlist selection

Key Purpose
*-a Select all conversations
*-n Deselect all conversations
*-r Select read conversations
*-u Select unread conversations
*-s Select starred conversations
*-t Select unstarred conversation



Gmail Official Doc

Google Spreadsheet


Key Purpose
Full screen cmd-shift-f


Key Purpose
cmd-shift-v Copy value only
opt-shift-5 Strikethrough
opt-shift-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Border related


Key Purpose
cmd-shift-; Add time
cmd-shift Add date
Key Purpose
cmd-shift-fn-down Next sheet
Key Purpose
opt-enter Open Link


Key Purpose
shift-f2 Open/Edit notes
cmd-opt-m Add comment


Key Purpose
ctrl-opt-i-r Insert row above
ctrl-opt-i-b Insert row below
ctrl-opt-i-l Insert row left
ctrl-opt-i-r Insert row right
Key Purpose
ctrl-opt-f File menu
ctrl-opt-e Edit menu
ctrl-opt-v View menu
ctrl-opt-i Insert menus
ctrl-opt-o Format menu
ctrl-opt-d Date menu
ctrl-opt-t Tools menu
ctrl-opt-m Form menu
ctrl-opt-n Add on menu
ctrl-opt-h Help menu


Google Spreadsheet Support

Google Chrome


Key Purpose
cmd-n Open a new window
cmd-shift-n Open a new window in incognito mode
cmd-t Open new tab
cmd-shift-t Reopen the last closed tab
cmd-1~8 Jump to a specific tab
cmd-9 Jump to the last tab
cmd-[ or ] Navigate tab
cmd-shift-h Open home page

Google Chrome Feature

Key Purpose
cmd-d Add bookmark
cmd-shift-b Show or hide the Bookmarks Bar
cmd-opt-b Show the Bookmark Manager
cmd-, Open the setting page
cmd-shift-j Open the download page
cmd-opt-i Open Developer Tools


Chrome keyboard shortcuts - Google

Xcode Shortcuts


Keyboard Purpose
cmd-, Preferences
shift-cmd-0 Documentation
ctrl-shfit-? Documentation for selected
cmd-? Quick help


Keyboard Purpose
cmd-b Build
cmd-r Run
cmd-u Test
shift-cmd-opt-g Run previous test
cmd-k Clean console
shift-cmd-k Clean
cmd-\ Add/remove breakpoint
cmd-y Disable/enable all breakpoints
opt-cmd-y Pause/play the debugger
F6 Breakpoint step over
F7 Breakpoint step into

Code Navigation

Keyboard Purpose
cmd-f Find in line
shift-cmd-f Find in project
cmd-g Find next
shift-cmd-g Find previous
cmd-l Find line number
ctrl-l Center current line position

Code Editing

Keyboard Purpose
ctrl-/ Next placeholder
shift-ctrl-/ Previous placeholder
opt-cmd-left Fold and unfold
ctrl-i Re-indent code
ctrl-t Transpose
ctrl-shift-e Highlight
ctrl-o Move to the next line
ctrl-> or < Move to the next parameter
opt-cmd-] Move line up and down


Keyboard Purpose
ctrl-opt-cmd-1234 Show library
Keyboard Purpose
shift-cmd-o Open quickly
ctrl-6 File jump bar
quick open + alt-enter File on the assistant editor
opt-cmd-0 Show/hide right panel
cmd-0 Show/hide left panel
shift-cmd-y Show bottom panel


Keyboard Purpose
cmd-e Eject selected disk
cmd-d Duplicate selected file
cmd-shift-r Open Airdrop window
cmd-option-esc Force quit

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