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I try to stay consistent and provide as much as value for my students and readers.

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Swift Complete Series

If you are new to Swift, I'd recommend you to get started with these tutorials first.

Name Date Source
Xcode 8 Auto Layout Dec 4, 2016 YouTube
Swift Protocol Oriented Programming with Bob Nov 27, 2016 YouTube
Swift Advanced Object Oriented Programming Nov 21, 2016 YouTube
The Complete Swift 3 Tutorial with Bob Nov 21, 2016 YouTube

iOS 10

If you want to learn how to use certain APIs created provided by Apple

Name Date Source
Swift Retention Cycle in Closures and Delegate Mar 25, 2017 Blog
The Life Cycle of an App Feb 6, 2017 YouTube
Make Memory Management Great Again Feb 2, 2017 Blog
Beginner's Guide to Core Data in Swift 3 Dec 29, 2016 Blog
Store UIColor with UserDefaults in Swift 3 Dec 22, 2016 Blog
Pass Data with NSNotification in Swift 3 Dec 17, 2016 Blog
UI & Networking Like a Boss in Swift 3 Dec 10, 2016 Blog
Intro to Grand Central Dispatch in Swift 3 with Bob Dec 3, 2016 Blog
The Meaning of tableView.delegate = self Nov 30, 2016 Blog
Introduction to Delegate in Swift Nov 26, 2016 Blog

Protocol Oriented Programming

If you want to write reusable and modular code with protocols.

Name Date Source
Generic Protocols with Associated Type Apr 8, 2017 Blog
Protocol Oriented Programming View in Swift Jan 18, 2017 Blog
Introduction to Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift Nov 23 2016 Blog

Functional Programming

If you want to get your closure game strong and you are waiting for my RxSwift and MVVM course,

Name Date Source
Swift Lazy Initialization with Closures Apr 1, 2017 Blog
Swift Capture List in Closures Mar 18, 2017 Blog
Intro to Functional Programming with Bob Feb 27, 2017 Blog
Completion Handlers in Swift with Bob March 4, 2017 Blog
No Fear Closure in Swift 3 with Bob (Part 2) Jan 13, 2017 Blog
No Fear Closure in Swift 3 with Bob Dec 31, 2016 Blog


What makes Swift unique and ranked as the second most loved language based on the Stack Overflow survey in 2016.

Name Date Source
Intro to Generics in Swift with Bob Feb 18, 2017 Blog
The Complete Understanding of Access Control in Swift 3 Jan 25, 2017 Blog
Intro to Error Handling in Swift 3 Jan 22, 2017 Blog
10 Tips to become a better Swift Ninja Nov 19, 2016 Blog
10 Tips to become a better Swift Developer Nov 16, 2016 Blog


Name Date Source
My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 1) Dec 7, 2016 Blog
My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 2) Dec 7, 2016 Blog
My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 3) Dec 7, 2016 Blog


I share my biased perspectives on the iOS ecosystem.

Name Date Source
Why I don't use Storyboard Mar 11, 2017 Blog
How to become an iOS Developer, Bob Feb 11, 2017 Blog
Top 10 Ground Rules for iOS Developers Dec 14, 2016 Blog
Love and hate relationship between Apple and iOS Developers Nov 6, 2016 Blog
How it feels to learn iOS in 2016 Nov 11, 2016 Blog
5 Reasons I Fell in Love with Swift Oc 22, 2016 Blog

Soft Skills

If you would like to work as a freelancer, you might find these articles useful. I talk about how I received a number of job offers even though I didn't have much experience.

Name Date Source
My 4 Step Formula to Goal Execution Dec 15, 2016 LinkedIn
What I Learned from Blogging for 10 Weeks Dec 8, 2016 LinkedIn
How I Earned 10 Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn Dec 1, 2016 LinkedIn
5 Tips for Freelancers on LinkedIn Nov 24, 2016 LinkedIn


These are products that I use to increase my productivity along with keyboard shortcuts. You don't have to have these products, but they save time in the long run. I'd pay any money to preserve and save my limited time. I rather work smart and hard.

My current workspace
My current workspace

If you do not see the product images, please reload :)

iOS Development Tools

Gadget My Usage Category
Portable 15.6 Inch Full HD Monitor I carry it when I travel. This monitor doesn't require a power cord. It only needs a USB port. It's useful for client meetings as well. Monitor
Acer 23.8 Inch Monitor It's affordable, and I use it to record tutorials and any other activities. An extra monitor is a must for anyone who is serious about programming. Monitor
Apple's Magic Keyboard It prevents a neck-strain because I no longer have to turn my next to see the side monitor. There is no delay time between input and output. Also, there is a rechargeable battery so I get to save time. Keyboard
Apple's Magic Mouse 2 It looks aesthetic, and I love the fact that it is so thin that I can carry it in my pocket otherwise I had to carry a small bag. Similar to the keyboard above, it doesn't require any extra battery cells, so there is no recurring fee or time spent on going to the supermarket. Mouse
2013 MacBook Pro 15 Inch I don't think I have to explain. The link provides the cheapest offer for now. It is around $800 which is pretty good deal considering I can probably use it for another 3 year. So, you'd only pay like $250 per year which is affordable. Laptop

The cheaper ones are refurbished. I'd recommend you to get a new one since it just feels better and you are going to use them for another 2-3 years. If you spot anything cheaper, make sure it is not the first generation. The second generation contains rechargeable battery: Magic Keyboard 2(MLA22LL) and Magic Mouse 2(MLA02LL)

Blogging and Course Production

Gadget My Usage Category
Canon EOS 700D I've noticed an iPhone 7 Plus just can't beat the depth that the DSLR camera offers. I use my camera to record all of my introduction and conclusion videos. It's affordable and great for those who want to get started and make videos. Camera
Bluetooth Selfie Stick Instead of extending my arm, I like to use it to show background and take pictures with my friends. Camera Tool
Toshiba 1TB Portable Hard Drive I can't store everything on my mac. So, this is just great even as a backup as well. If you are serious about making online courses or you have a lot images, it's just a must. Storage
Samsung 64GB SD Card I used to record videos with a normal SD card but its writing speed was so slow that the recording stopped after a couple seconds. I had no issue with the SD card. Storage
Blue Snowball USB Microphone All of my YouTube tutorials and Udemy course videos are recorded with this microphone. I love it. Since I've lost its stand, I've been using a pizza box as you can see in my recent videos. Microphone
Sony Camera Microphone I use it along with my camera since the Blue Snow Microphone is too big to carry it all the time. Microphone

Productive Home Office

Currently, I work at home and having the right work environment allows me to stay focused and spend less than on doing tasks that don't add much value to my production. Unlike the iOS Development Tools mentioned above, these are non-tech related gadgets that I crave.

Gadget Why I Would Get Category
3-Piece Corner Desk I just need a long desk. I care about how things look because the environment influence my mind subconsciously. It's affordable as well. Desk
Leather Chair Similar to the phone stand and the desk, it just looks visually appealing. I tend to grab products that look good because I feel good. Chair
iPhone Stand Not only it is visually aesthetic, but also it allows me to use my app instantly because I don't even need to grab, but just scroll with my finger comfortably. Phone Stand
Phone Ring Stand I think it's just a must because it allows me to watch YouTube videos while eating food and right before I go to bed. Stand
Silver Laptop Stand If I use a double monitor, it's essential for me to get a laptop stand so that my next does not have to move up and down and stay align with the height of the monitor. It puts less stress. Also, the color matches with the laptop so it looks aesthetic. Laptop Stand

Wish List

Gadget Why I wish Category
MacBook Pro 15.4-inch with Touch Bar I just want to take my laptop to the next level. I've been using my laptop but I just want it a little bit better so that I can render videos faster Computer
Samsung 27-Inch Curved Monitor I have a descent monitor, but again, I've never had curved one before. So, I just want to try it out Monitor
Apple Airpods Currently, I use Samsung's bluetooth earphone, but Airpods is just classy. I got hooked by Apple's video. Headphones
C Shape 4-in-1 Stabilizer Although I'm not a film maker, I'd love to watch one of these when I travel during summer breaks. Camera

I'm going to buy these whenever I have a chance. These are just amazing.


I travel quite often because my family has been living in different parts of the world. Therefore, I always carry these products below so that I can stay productive even if I travel.

Travel Usage Category
Xiaomi 10000mAH I carry it everywhere because I blog and make tutorials with my phone. I also do a lot of social media and communication with my phone. It is indispensable. Charger
Travel Universal Adapter Charger I hate wires and chargers because they take up a lot of space and wires cause massive headaches. But, the universal charger takes care of all the hassle for me Charger


Hosting and Cloud Computing

SaaS Purpose
Digital Ocean I use it to run virtual servers. It's more affordable than Google's
Bluehost I use it to host my website and purchase my domain name


Platform Purpose
TransferWise It disrupts the way banks send money. It's decentralized so the international wire transfer occurs within a day or two and it's cheap if you are dealing with money less than $10,000. Get started with sending £500 for free with the link
Quickbooks It creates invoice, track all my expenses, employee payrolls. It helps me prepare for my upcoming tax returns.

Schedule & Events

Platform Purpose
Calendly This is my favorite scheduling tool. You don't need to buy a premium account. It's free to use. It allows you to set date and time blocks when you are available, when you send your profile link to someone else, the person can choose the time based on their time zone. I use it all the time for scheduling. You can see my schedule here.
Tito I've used Evenbrite to organize and schedule events. But, Tito provides a seamless experience for me. The landing page looks great. I recently purchased a ticket for the upcoming Swift conference.


Platform Purpose
Gitbook I'm currently using Gitbook to document. It allows me to allow Markdown seamlessly with my favorite Text Editor and Github. If you want to get started, feel free to watch this tutorial. I also use it to share my lecture notes for The UIKIt Fundamentals with Bob


Template Purpose
Jupiter Wordpress Theme I recently bought this theme to create my own personal website without having to write a single line of code because it provides pre-made and highly customizable drag and drop elements. You can find out what you could possibly create this theme here.


Apps Purpose
Inbox by Gmail I love using this app instead of relying on iPhone's default mail or Gmail. The app automatically organizes items into separate groups through machine learning, and I may archive or read the entire group with a single swipe. As a person who receives a number of comments on social media, this app is just perfect for me
Discord Although Slack is okay, I use Discord because it's free for unlimited users. It's loved by gamers since it provides channels for voice calls. But, it also provides syntax and markdown highlighting. In fact, I have a group for my students to interact with each other.

Feedback and Survey

Platform Purpose
Typeform I used to use Google Form, but Type form looks a little more engaging because it provides interactive experience and you can also add payment

Video Editing

Adobe Premier Pro and Aftereffect

Project Management

Platform Purpose
Wrike Wrike is an ideal project management solution for teams and businesses of all sizes: from solopreneurs and small startups to Fortune 500 firms.
Trello Trello provides an overview. I use it to organize my weekly work.


I read 80-100 books a year. Although I'm 20, books allow me to gain insights and allow me to process any situation.

Software Development

Although I spend a majority of time learning iOS, I also attempt to learn design patterns, interview questions, and algorithms so that I can stay on top of the game.

Book Author Category
Cracking the Code Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions Gayle McDowell Algorithm & Data Structure
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Christian Keur iOS Development


Although my first startup failed, I incorporated and grew the team with close to a dozen employees. The books below are the one I've read and learned so much from these resources that allowed me build a great community and blog.

Book Author What I've Learned Category
Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours Salim Ismail What it takes to create a scalable startup with two acronyms: IDEAS and SCALE Strategy
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products Nir Eyal Elements that lead us to use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. Strategy
The Fourth Industrial Revolution Klaus Schwab New rising technology that would disrupt governments and our lives Future
The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses Eric Ries How to test the market before investing a lot of money Strategy
#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness Gary Vayerchuck He is the one who tought me everything about building community and focus on long-term relationships over short-term sales. I watch his content daily on his YouTube channel. Marketing

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