iOS Development

Complete Series

Name Date Source
Learn Swift with Bob: Intermediate Swift Course May 10, 2017 Udemy
The Beginner's Swift Tutorial with Bob Nov 21, 2016 YouTube


Name Date Source
Swift Retention Cycle in Closures and Delegate Mar 25, 2017 Blog
The Life Cycle of an App Feb 6, 2017 YouTube
Make Memory Management Great Again Feb 2, 2017 Blog
Beginner's Guide to Core Data in Swift Dec 29, 2016 Blog
Store UIColor with UserDefaults in Swift Dec 22, 2016 Blog
Pass Data with NSNotification in Swift Dec 17, 2016 Blog
UI & Networking Like a Boss in Swift Dec 10, 2016 Blog
Intro to Grand Central Dispatch in Swift with Bob Dec 3, 2016 Blog
The Meaning of tableView.delegate = self Nov 30, 2016 Blog
Introduction to Delegate in Swift Nov 26, 2016 Blog

Protocol Oriented Programming

If you want to write reusable and modular code with protocols.

Name Date Source
Generic Protocols with Associated Type Apr 8, 2017 Blog
Protocol Oriented Programming View in Swift Jan 18, 2017 Blog
Introduction to Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift Nov 23 2016 Blog

Functional Programming

If you want to get your closure game strong and you are waiting for my RxSwift and MVVM course,

Name Date Source
Swift Lazy Initialization with Closures Apr 1, 2017 Blog
Swift Capture List in Closures Mar 18, 2017 Blog
Intro to Functional Programming with Bob Feb 27, 2017 Blog
Completion Handlers in Swift with Bob March 4, 2017 Blog
No Fear Closure in Swift with Bob (Part 2) Jan 13, 2017 Blog
No Fear Closure in Swift with Bob Dec 31, 2016 Blog


Name Date Source
The Complete Understanding of Delegate and Data Source May 20, 2017 Blog
Intro to Generics in Swift with Bob Feb 18, 2017 Blog
The Complete Understanding of Access Control in Swift Jan 25, 2017 Blog
Intro to Error Handling in Swift Jan 22, 2017 Blog
10 Tips to become a better Swift Ninja Nov 19, 2016 Blog
10 Tips to become a better Swift Developer Nov 16, 2016 Blog


Name Date Source
My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 1) Dec 7, 2016 Blog
My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 2) Dec 7, 2016 Blog
My Favorite Xcode 8 Shortcuts (Part 3) Dec 7, 2016 Blog


Name Date Source
Why I don't use Storyboard Mar 11, 2017 Blog
How to become an iOS Developer, Bob Feb 11, 2017 Blog
Top 10 Ground Rules for iOS Developers Dec 14, 2016 Blog
Love and hate relationship between Apple and iOS Developers Nov 6, 2016 Blog
How it feels to learn iOS in 2016 Nov 11, 2016 Blog
5 Reasons I Fell in Love with Swift Oc 22, 2016 Blog

Soft Skills

Name Date Source
My 4 Step Formula to Goal Execution Dec 15, 2016 LinkedIn
What I Learned from Blogging for 10 Weeks Dec 8, 2016 LinkedIn
How I Earned 10 Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn Dec 1, 2016 LinkedIn
5 Tips for Freelancers on LinkedIn Nov 24, 2016 LinkedIn

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